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 for over 30 years 

Since 1987, Pavatech has been involved in major landscaping projects in the greater Montreal area. Working in accordance with the plans and specifications of professionals, the Pavatech team stands out through its constant search for new processes and techniques that promote quality and aesthetics of projects.


Social implications 
The company sponsors local organisations, such as "Le Relais", by contributing to the "Dress a Child" initiative and "The future is in the bag", programs in place to help needy families of the region. 
Green committment
In addition to promoting transactions with local suppliers, Pavatech adopts environmentally friendly behaviors through the use of sustainable products, recycling of concrete and other construction residues.

In addition, the company is involved with the Green Roof workgroup (GTTV) of the Canadian Green Building Council.
Internal mobilization 
Pavatech promotes the personal and professional growth of their workforce by implementing practical, social and physical initiatives. Pavatech pays special attention to the health of its employees by offering balanced lunch boxes. Pavatech also invests in the skills of its team through various training programs.